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She was half angel, half angel dust, with eyes like coal mines that could cave in any time. Wore my dirty tee shirts straight off the floor. Wrote i love the fuck out of you in purple lipstick on the cracked bathroom mirror; keyed when it all hurts, nothing hurts on the...



Hey, if you’re looking for a schedule of upcoming flash fiction and poetry writing workshops, I’ve got you covered. I’ve not-so-paintstakingly curated a list of great workshops that I’ve either personally taken or have heard great things about. Note: The list currently does...

In Relation To Your Body


I see this world in relation to your body. This world. Your body. When you undress, the world reveals itself to me. Its hidden hillsides. Its majestic landscapes. Naked, we are every animal that ever lived; Alone, we are every soul that ever perished. I see this world only in relation to your body...

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