Todd Clay Stuart

Writer. Poet. Apparition.
Todd Clay Stuart

Todd Clay Stuart

Writer. Poet. Apparition.

Recent Stories

Fire & Other Raging Things

  My nine-year-old thinks his new wheelchair is a race car. I strap him in and he goes zoom zoom zoom, brrrap brrrap brrrap. Robbie...
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Nebraska in October. Autumn winds are the collective breath of a thousand withering corn fields. I think of home, I think of my older sister,...
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Hope Chest

According to my big brother Daryl, mothers used to wrap their stillborns in gauze and stick them in a hope chest, hoping their child’s heart...
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Cherry bomb

The object of the game is to see how long we can hold a lit Cherry Bomb in our hand before tossing it away. Ray-Ray...
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She was half angel, half angel dust, with eyes like coal mines that could cave in any time. Wore my dirty tee shirts straight off...
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Workshops & Feedback

Enjoy this curated list of some of the best upcoming and ongoing online writing workshops from around the Internet. To receive update notifications, subscribe to my free newsletter. 2021 Notable, Affordable, Upcoming Flash Fiction/CNF/Poetry Workshops...
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About Me

Hello, I’m Todd. I studied creative writing at the University of Iowa back in the 20th century. I write poetry, flash, short stories, and am working on a novel. The plan is to one day become an overnight sensation, preferably while I’m asleep.

Thank you for checking in on me. I’m doing okay. I hope you are too.