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Enjoy this carefully curated list of some of the best upcoming and ongoing online writing workshops from around the Internet.

2021 Notable, Upcoming Flash Fiction/CNF/Poetry Workshops
03/06/21 - 04/24/21The Way of Writing w/Natalie GoldbergNatalie Goldberg5 Weeks$249Hurry!
04/30/21 - 05/02/21Writing the 100 Word StoryTommy Dean3 Days$80
05/14/21 - 05/16/21Particular, Resonate, Concise: WRITING THE MICROTommy Dean3 Days$110
03/15/21 - 05/13/21Long Flash Fiction CourseKM Elkes2 Months£210Looks excellent! Reduced!
04/12/21 - 04/25/21Write Beyond the Lightbulb: Lyrical WritingMatt Kendrick2 Weeks£65 Unique topics!
04/23/21 - 04/25/21Big Characters w/Wendy OlesonBending Genres3 Days$111
05/03/21 - 05/30/21Micro I: Less Is MoreSarah Freligh4 Weeks$110Full!
05/14/21 - 05/16/21Writing as Play: Using a Generative Approach to Finding Your Voice w/Amber SparksBending Genres3 Days$111
09/13/21 - 10/03/21Micro I: Less Is MoreSarah Freligh4 Weeks$110Excellent!
10/11/21 - 11/07/21Now We're Getting Somewhere: A Poetry BootcampSarah Freligh w/Kim Addonizio3 Weeks$100
11/29/21 - 12/19/21Micro II: Much More Than LessSara Freligh3 Weeks$90Excellent!
OngoingFlash Memoir w/ Amanda Saint & Mary-Jane HolmesRetreat West1 Week$150
OngoingBilly Collins Teaches Reading & Writing PoetryMasterclass20 Video Lessons$180 for annual subscriptionFantastic!
OngoingJoyce Carol Oates Teaches The Art of the Short StoryMasterclass14 Video Lessons$180 for annual subscriptionEnjoyable!
TBAFast Flash©Kathy Fish2 Weeks$179Lottery Sign Up

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