In Relation To Your Body

 I see this world in relation to your body.
This world. Your body.
When you undress, the world reveals itself to me.
Its hidden hillsides. Its majestic landscapes.
Naked, we are every animal that ever lived;
Alone, we are every soul that ever perished.
I see this world only in relation to your body.
As I witness the slow erosion of everything,
I know there is beauty even in decay.
In your eyes I see the famine in the world,
Inside you I feel angry oceans toss and swell.
Never will I recover from the prettiest of days,
Nor from the sight of you standing naked before me.
To me, this world only makes sense in relation to your body.
At night, when you close your eyes, mountains fall,
Stars die in a silent place.
When you leave, you leave my soul in poverty.

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Todd Clay Stuart

Writer. Poet. Apparition.

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